Helping you navigate

Complementary, Alternative and Holistic Health and Medicine

as an effective safe way to explore your inner self and choose health and healing.

I’ve worked with adults teaching public health, prevention and wellness for 20 years. No matter how much information I was able to learn and then teach to my students and clients, it wasn’t information my students needed.

I learned that we have a lot of self-loathing and self-hatred. I learned that we don’t value ourselves enough to take care of ourselves and to make good decisions for our own lives.

Until now. We can begin with our health. We can begin with our bodies. We can begin with our energy, spirits and souls. We can Begin Within.

I recently made this shift and intend to guide the next generation towards self-care, self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion. I’ll do this by offering Reiki treatments to adults, meditation classes to adults and children and kids yoga classes themed with self-kindness and self-compassion.

Join me to Begin Within.

Christene has Formal Academic Education

She is an Award Winning Curriculum Developer