Helping you navigate

Complementary, Alternative and Holistic Health and Medicine

as an effective safe way to explore your inner self and choose health and healing.

Begin Within Health helps kids, young and old, to learn emotional regulation, adaptability, resilience and most importantly, self-care.

As a public health educator for 10+ years, I’ve worked with adults who have made poor health and life choices for themselves.

  • It’s NOT because they aren’t smart enough.

  • It’s NOT that they don’t have access to the right information.

It’s that they haven’t learned how to care for themselves,

to truly value and be kind, to themselves.

We can begin by teaching this next generation to put their attention on self-compassion, to be kind to Self. Only then can we be kind and compassionate towards others. Only then is kindness and compassion towards others easy and effortless.

I’ll do this by offering Reiki treatments to adults, meditation classes to adults and children and kids yoga classes themed with self-kindness and self-compassion.

Join me to Begin Within.

Christene has Formal Academic Education

She is an Award Winning Curriculum Developer