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Complementary, Alternative and Holistic Medicine

as an effective alternative to the Conventional Western Medical system.

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My clients 

  • Lose their dependence on insulin

  • Eliminate their localized or all-over pain, their yo-yo good days and bad, their exhaustion and depression

  • Lower their blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Clear up their skin

  • Get rid of their daily hacking coughs

  • Drop the pain and rumblings of digestive issues and lose weight

  • Feel happy, hopeful and in control of their health again

I healed my own

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Pain

  • Hopelessness

 ….using my Heal Any Body Program of Natural and Non-Traditional Medicine.

The results have been amazing!

A number of health problems that I’ve had for years disappeared within a few days of cutting out these foods, including nasty digestive issues that went ‘poof’ too! I rarely get a restless legs episode anymore… my chronic hacking cough has vanished… I haven’t had any more blood sugar swings, and don’t get hungry between meals… even my memory is better, which shocked me.

Jennifer Abrevaya

Account Director, Williams/Gerard Productions

She helped me find MY way of eating, MY way of living, MY way of being healthy, and it worked!

I lost weight and have kept it off (even over a year later!), I have developed new ways of looking at things in my life, and I have never forgotten the positive support and traits that were pointed out to me during the time we worked together. I can’t thank Christene enough for the insight, tools, and support that she has given me. She helped me make a change, to better myself, to go out and reach my goals; and I hope you will give her and yourself a chance to help you too.

Jessica Cleveland

Licensed Mental Health Clinician, JessicaClevelandLMHC

Christene was so helpful as we navigated this new world of alternative medicine.

Christene was amazing.  As a mother herself she was able to truly understand the complex emotions that I was experiencing at that point- especially the frustration with the mainstream system who seemed to be failing my daughter and my own helplessness to get her the care she needed to get better.  She reassured me that my instincts to find out why this was happening were just as important as treating the symptoms to get my daughter the relief she needed.

Christene was so helpful as we navigated this new world of alternative medicine.  Along with Christene’s suggestions, her skin was clear in less than a month.

I am so grateful to Christene for getting us through this very difficult experience and helping me to heal my daughter.  She is truly an asset.

April Johnson

Domestic Engineer & Doting Mother, Johnson Household

We can bypass the “meet and greet”because Chris took care of that for me.

She and I discussed my health concerns, the resources in my area, and even financial matters. Then she interviewed the three providers we prioritized. So helpful! I called the one she had the best feeling about and I have an appointment scheduled to get started on treatment. We can bypass the “meet and greet”because Chris took care of that for me.

Jennifer Ross

Nurse Practitioner

This is such a wonderful feeling of control.

I met with Christene in December of 2014. At the time I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis, which is the delayed emptying of the stomach. I was in constant discomfort, burping constantly and a few day before had a mini anxiety attack at the thought of this possible chronic diagnosis. Christene listened to what I had gone through and what diet suggestions had been given to me, which provided no relief of my symptoms. She shared the structure and support of her program and I joined the next day.

At my weekly check-in we would make adjustments to how my body was reacting to Christene’s plan and she was very supportive with everything. Never had to guess what her opinion was or what she was thinking.

Within a couple of weeks my symptoms lessened to a point I felt I had some control over them. This was something I had not felt in the prior year. By the end of the three months I was still having some symptoms but my quality of life was back. You do not realize how much that means until you have lost it.

In the past year and a half since I worked with Christene my Gastroparesis diagnosis has been lifted as my stomach is now fully processing food. What is freeing for me is when symptoms begin to show I refer back to what I learned from Christene and get quick results. This is such a wonderful feeling of control.

I can recommend Christene and her practice to those interested in feeling more in attuned to ones own body. Integrative Medicine Help is a cost I was willing to pay to improve the power and energy to my own body so I could enjoy my life to the fullest.

Jay Taylor

Father, Husband

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