Christene Lee Gerardi

Christene Lee Gerardi

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What I’ll do for you

I’ll teach you the Heal Any Body Program, a 5-step system I created by pulling together the most effective, evidence-based elements from the the 22 different methods, philosophies, practices and modalities I studied in my advanced degree program in Integrative Health. This program removes the barriers to health and healing, nourishes the body so it returns to full health and empowers you to choose the most appropriate holistic, non-traditional medicine (Integrative Medicine) for you. I’ll support you in implementing the Heal Any Body Program and remind you of the power and control you have over the health of your body, mind, spirit and soul.

I will help you if:

  • You aren’t being helped by your conventional western medicine, drugs, tests and surgery.
  • You are interested in trying non-traditional medicine and want to streamline the learning (endless Google searches) and choosing process (endless parade of practitioners, therapies, herbs, shakes and pills).
  • You have spent too much money and time trying your doctor’s medicine, your friends’ and neighbors’ recommendations and too many over-the-counter and home remedies and you’re still in pain, exhausted and suffering.

Why I do this

I pursued a career in Health after the early deaths of my parents. Armed with a Masters degree in Health Education, I taught it, shouted it from the rooftops, lived it in every cell of my body: the Food Guide Pyramid, Low-Fat, Eat less-Exercise More, Manage your Meds. But when I got pregnant my body showed its weakness: I was confined to a wheelchair and after an unplanned, highly medicated birth requiring all medical interventions, I was plunged into Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Chronic Fatigue and Pain. Through Integrative Medicine, I healed it all without chemical drugs, surgery, tests and empty faith.

Holistic Medicine, Non-traditional Medicine and Natural Edibles

Supplements include minerals,  vitamins and herbal products, also known as botanicals and other natural herbs. People take supplements to make sure they get enough nutrients and to maintain a healthy body or improve their health. I have been to the UK and had tried CBD based supplements. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. These chemical compounds can have various effects on the body. Products like hemp oil, hemp water and gummy bears are examples of edibles in UK. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is legal in the UK as a food supplement.

Today, I’m happy, hopeful, light and springy, I’m physically active and emotionally connected to my family, I’m able and confident and calm.

Formally studying, and then applying a combination of non-traditional medical, bodywork and energy medicines, I healed myself. I’m not special. Anyone can get this kind of healing and I would be honored to share it with you.


I am a Health Recovery Expert, a Bridge Builder between your Mainstream Medical Care and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a Holistic Medicine Expert. I’ve completed coursework for two advanced degrees in Mainstream Health and Integrative Health and Medicine, all over an almost 20 year career in health and many clients have trusted me with their health, with outstanding, mind-boggling results. I want to help you too. 


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