Jennifer A.

“The results have been amazing.”


My eating plan permutations over the years have varied… Chris made some recommendations back in December that I eased into over the holidays and started full-time on January 1. The food we’ve been eating is delicious, and I haven’t felt any need to eat any of my normal cravings.

The results have been amazing. A number of health problems that I’ve had for years disappeared within a few days of cutting out these foods, including nasty digestive issues that went ‘poof’ too! I rarely get a restless legs episode anymore… my chronic hacking cough has vanished… I haven’t had any more blood sugar swings, and don’t get hungry between meals… even my memory is better, which shocked me. And my extra weight has started to come off, even though I’ve been eating a normal amount of calories every day — I’m down 10 pounds this month, and I’ve already gone from a jeans size 18 to a comfortable 16. (I wore my 18s with sweatpants underneath to shovel the snow last week… felt pretty darn good.)

So, yay to finding the reason for so many of my health issues, and for kicking them to the curb! Thanks Chris!

Jennifer Abrevaya
Associate Director


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