Carly and April

Christene was so helpful as we navigated this new world of alternative medicine.


I contacted Christene last winter after my newly turned 2 year old daughter developed a severe case of eczema after never having a single breakout in her life.  Her face was covered with bright read bumps, she was itchy and miserable and I was just grateful that she was too young to notice the stares she got every time we went out.  At that point, we had visited the pediatrician four times and a pediatric dermatologist twice and my daughter had been through two rounds of antibiotics, several different prescriptions for steroid creams and every over the counter soap, cream, etc. that I could find that was recommended for eczema.

Christene was amazing.  As a mother herself she was able to truly understand the complex emotions that I was experiencing at that point- especially the frustration with the mainstream system who seemed to be failing my daughter and my own helplessness to get her the care she needed to get better.  She reassured me that my instincts to find out why this was happening were just as important as treating the symptoms to get my daughter the relief she needed.

Christene was so helpful as we navigated this new world of alternative medicine.  Along with Christene’s suggestions, her skin was clear in less than a month.

Currently her skin is still clear and she is a very happy little girl.  I have also noticed improvements in her mood, her hair is healthier, she is in a higher percentile bracket for weight, and her soft spot on her head, which should close by 18 months, has finally closed.  We have reintroduced the foods that she showed intolerances for in small quantities and she occasionally still gets a spot here or there on her face, but that is easily dealt with by making sure she is getting enough of the healing foods that Christene suggested in the beginning.

I am so grateful to Christene for getting us through this very difficult experience and helping me to heal my daughter.  She is truly an asset.

April Johnson

Domestic Engineer & Doting Mother, Johnson Household